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Creating Order Since 1966


Founded in 1966, A&F has cultivated a tradition of design excellence across a wide variety of projects and disciplines. Committed to excellence, open communication, and delivering high-quality results—both for our clients and staff.

No challenge too complex.

We believe that talent and expertise bring you to the table—commitment, passion and transparent communication keep your seat. We are honored to have contributed to progressing Indianapolis and surrounding areas, from small Midwestern towns to booming metropolises. This experience—combined with reputation and vision—allow A&F to provide premier level transportation and site engineering services to Indiana and the surrounding states.

Distinguished Accolades

American Society of Landscape Architects Honor Award

Three-time ACEC Indiana Engineering Excellence Awards Honoree

Two-time APAI Quality Pavement Awards Honoree

Our Leadership

Committed to a culture of servant leadership, our team leverages collective and expansive experience to prioritize critical thinking skills—empowering our employees to better solve client needs and technical challenges.


Steve Fehribach, P.E.

Steven has more than 30 years of experience in traffic engineering, forensic engineering analysis, transportation planning and highway design. Steven is proud to work with communities across central Indiana and across the state, to improve roadway infrastructures and spur local, economic growth. Since taking over the company in 1996, A&F Engineering has seen significant growth, including the addition of the civil site engineering department.

Vice President | Traffic Engineering

Matt Brown, P.E., PTOE

Matt is the manager of the Traffic Engineering Division. He has over 22 years of experience in traffic operations and planning, complex traffic flow modeling, safety studies, traffic forecasting, public involvement, and project management.

Vice President | Transportation Design

Jeff Hill, P.E., PTOE

Jeff is Vice President of Transportation Design and brings 28 years of experience in partnering with clients and engineers to lead projects from inception to construction throughout central Indiana. Jeff utilizes his client-focused mentality and previous experience as the Director of Engineering for the City of Fishers to deliver practical and innovative engineering solutions on roadway improvements, civil/utility improvements, and program management. He recognizes the impacts of projects to all users, considers the return on investment for infrastructure improvements, and manages teams experience and expectations in order to best meet client goals.

Vice President | Site Engineering

Karen Collins, P.E.

Karen is Vice President of site engineering and Project Manager for municipalities, institutions, land developers, and architectural clients. Karen has more than 20 years of experience in site/civil engineering and project management. Her areas of expertise include site feasibility and due diligence studies, zoning review and compliance, master planning, stormwater management design, construction, documentation, and permitting for recreational, commercial, residential, healthcare, institutional, and industrial land developments.

Our History

Creating Order Since 1966

Founded in 1966 by Herbert Ayres and Bill Fehribach, A&F Engineering originally focused specifically on traffic engineering. As the industry’s challenges and needs evolved with time, A&F expanded into transportation design and site engineering. Though our projects’ nature and scope are vastly different than those early years, the fundamental values of professional expertise, critical thinking, and commitment to service remain unyielding.

We took nature’s solution to a human problem and perfected it.

We would be remiss not to mention our reverence and allegiance to the ant colony. Often overlooked is the fact that humans and ants are some of the only species that travel in two-way traffic patterns. The difference is, ants don’t get in traffic jams. We figured out why and used that to improve traffic flow in and around the state.

Community Involvement

The A&F team maintain both professional and personal lives of service: to our clients, to each other, and to our communities. The following organizations are passionately supported by members of our A&F team:

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