Construction Inspection

Comprehensive Quality Control and Oversight for Any Project

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Our expansive experience with local, state and federal agencies provides proficiency throughout the comprehensive inspection process—ensuring specification accuracy and retaining intended design vision.

Delivery is in the Details.

Every project’s integrity is protected with our rigorous construction inspection and testing. Quality inspection throughout both design and construction phases keep projects on time and on budget. All A&F inspectors are INDOT Certified Technicians–well-versed in all local, state, federal, and construction guidelines. On-site services include quality control procedures, such as concrete integrity and asphalt testing as applicable.

A&F’s inspectors are INDOT Certified Technicians in:
  • Construction Procedures 1&2

  • Concrete Paving

  • Bituminous Paving

  • Pavement Markings

  • Earth Work

  • Traffic Signals

  • Signage

  • OSHA Safety and Regulations

  • Site Management

  • DPW Capital Improvement Program

  • Emergency Medical Technician Certified

Project Spotlight

Jasper Design & Consultation Inspection—
Jasper, Indiana

A&F provided both design and construction inspection services for this multi-use trail development, connecting the River walk trail system. A portion of the newly designed trail was within the current road’s footprint–accomplished by using a road diet, creating two 12-foot lanes to one side, and adding curb and gutter; then crafting a utility strip and wide bike path–all within the existing road’s footprint. This approach allowed creation of a safe bike path route–separated from the road but without gaining right-of-way from the businesses along the planned route.

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